Personal Fundraising


Access your personal fundraising page here and login on the left-hand side of the page. If you have already set-up a username and password, either from when you registered for the race or from a previous year, you can enter it here, otherwise you can signup to start fundraising and you will be prompted to set-up a new username and password.

Across the top of your page are four links. The following information should help you navigate these pages.

Use the fundraising menu on the left side of the page to get and manage sponsors, manage your donations, personalize your page, send thank you emails and update your personal information

Get Sponsors
• send emails (templates provided) to ask people for support
• link your fundraising page to your personal social media sites

Manage Sponsors
• view the people who have sponsored you
(you will receive an email notification when someone sponsors you)

Manage Cash & Cheques
• fill in the required fields under the heading Enter New Cash or Cheque Donation
• click Add Donation at the bottom of the screen

Download Forms
• download a blank offline pledge form
• Creative Works Studio has pledge forms available via email or pick-up at the studio (please contact Sarah Vincett at for more information)

Make a Donation Now
• make a personal donation online

Edit Goal
• update your personal goal so you can raise more money for Creative Works Studio

Customize Personal Page
• personalize your page and make it unique
• follow the instructions to give your page a title, add a personalized message or upload an image or video

• invite people you think might be interested in joining you to walk or run in the marathon, 1/2 marathon or 5k (email template provided)

Use the team menu on the left side of the page to create your own team of runners or walkers, or join a team that already exists

Join Team
• follow the instructions to find the team you would like to join

Create a Team
• follow the instructions to create a new team
• you will be designated as the team captain and can recruit others to join your team, come up with a clever name and tell everyone about your team

Use the profile menu on the left side of the page to edit your contact information, your answers to the questions you answered in the original registration form, or change your password

Edit Contact Information
• update or adjust your personal details

Change Password
• update your password

Use the registration menu on the left side of the page to view your status

Registration Status
• view your registration status