Fundraising Tips

1. Just ask:

Some of the anxiety around fundraising is about asking for money. By using the online system, you can easily ask friends and family, near and far by email and through online social networks, and you don’t risk any embarrassment because it is all done over the internet. No face to face asking!

2. Everyone is a potential donor:
Get into the habit of asking for a donation! You’d be surprised, but if you ask, people are more than willing to give! You can even ask for sponsors in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays. Start with the people you know and feel comfortable around. (Your warm contacts.) This will guarantee you some sponsors as well as boost your confidence. Ask your family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers. Try adding your personal page link into your email signature, and let people know why you are fundraising!

Use the following links in any communication you send out:
Your personal fundraising page
(include the link you received with your registration confirmation)
Creative Works Studio Fundraising page
Information about the Scotiabank event
Creative Works Studio website

3. Update your online Personal Page:
This is a great opportunity to share your story. You can update your personal page with your own picture and message to let everyone know you are fundraising. You’d be surprised, but you will find that your friends, neighbours, and co-workers may also have their own stories to share.

4. Set a personal goal:
Set a clear personal goal and a time frame for achieving your target. Consider the amount of money you want to raise. Can you help us raise $100, $200, $500, $1000 or even more? Try sponsoring yourself to kick start your campaign.

This will not only push yourself to achieve that goal but also make potential donors want to help you meet it as well. But also emphasize that any donation is appreciated no matter how small because every dollar counts! Who knows what you can get if you don’t ask!

One way of achieving your goal is very simple. Ask potential sponsors for something as minimal as $5! If you were constantly approaching people from now until the day of the race at parties, family gatherings or any other occasion, you would be surprised how much that adds up!

5. Follow-up in person or with a phone call
Follow-up with all potential sponsors or donators you contact. Always keep yourself in their radar by constantly communicating with them in one way or another. (eg. Hey did you receive my email/facebook message?)

6. Recruit runners, walkers or volunteers.
Some people might not be able to donate funds but are available to participate in the marathon themselves. This is MORE than welcome. Please have them contact Sarah Vincett at for more information

7. Potential Donors
• running clubs
• gyms
• parks
• local stores
• local community centre
• postman
• teachers
• friends
• family
• work

8. Utilize all outlets available to you:

• Send a personalized email to all your friends and family to ask for their support.
• add a link and personal message to your email signature.

• Post a status update every few days to remind people about the event and cause
• Add a link to your personal fundraising page
• Create a group that your supporters can join and add the link to your personal fundraising page

• Post a status update every few days to remind people about the event and cause
• Add a link to your personal fundraising page

Direct Mail
• Use the flyers and posters available to you through Creative Works Studio. Contact Sarah Vincett at for more information

Phone Calls/In-person
• Pick up the phone and make it personal
• Talking to someone face-to-face will have the most impact